Call and request "Dangerous Love" at radio now!  

Greetings from North Texas! 

     Dolly Shine started the weekend on Thursday (Feb. 19), at Hank's McKinney!  Always good to travel east of the Trinity and find lovers of Dolly Shine.  Patrons packed the seats early and provided a buzz in the air on this chilly night!  It wasn't long before people were out of the chairs and crowding the stage, and to show their best support, encored for another song at the end of night!  We thank Hank's Mckinney for the wonderful opportunity and Chuck Taylor, Morgan Gill, and KHYI for the love and support!

     Saturday (Feb. 21), Dolly Shine started the eventful day in Fair Park Dallas for Texas Mardi Gras 2015!  The list of bands at this event is too long to mention!  Cody Johnson, Will Clark Green, Damn Qauils, Uncle Lucius, Cooder Graw, Jason Boland and The Stragglers just to mention a few!  We played early in the afternoon to a Dallas crowd singing our songs back to us!  We were grateful to have such a receptive crowd as it was our first appearance at Texas Mardi Gras! We Thank 99.5 The Wolf and Texas Mardi Gras for this wonderful opportunity!

     The day wasn't over yet!  After our set in Dallas, the band traveled to The Mule Barn in Justin, Tx to join Chance Anderson and Folk Family Revival!  Chance Anderson and Vision Entertainment turned The Mule Barn into a music video set!  We were honored to be part of this filming and part of this glorious night! We can't wait to get back to The Mule Barn and look forward to seeing y'all in San Angelo at Blaine's Pub!

     Request "Dangerous Love" on your local radio stations!!!

Back To The Hometown! 

     Last Friday, (Feb. 13), Bono's Decatur was a packed house!  Wise County's Dolly Shine fans were in full force, keeping the dance floor packed, singing along to every song, and cheering us on for more!  We look forward to coming back soon and we thank Bono's for the wonderful oppurtunity.

     Saturday, (Feb. 14), City Limits Stephenville was the place to be! It always warms our hearts to receive a hometown welcome from the people of Stephenville!  Uncle Bob Hansen joined us onstage for spiritual and tambourine accompaniment!  We thank City Limits and the people of Stephenville for a wonderful night!

     Be sure to call and request "Dangerous Love"!!! Currently at #57 on The Texas Music Charts and climbing!!!   

A-OK Trip! 

     Friday (Feb. 6),  Dolly Shine left on a maiden voyage for Stillwater, OK.  Home of the famous Eskimo Joe's!  The staff provided us with nothing but the best hospitality and even provided complimentary cheese fries!  If you haven't already heard, Eskimo Joe's cheese fries are famous across America!  Food aside, Dolly Shine's first show at Eskimo Joe's was a success!  The dance floor was full all night and people in the crowd were singing along to Dolly Shine songs!  We thank Eskimo Joe's for this wonderful opportunity!

     Sat (Feb. 7), Dolly Shine had the honor of playing JC Cowboys!  Weatherford, OK was ready for Dolly Shine!  Dance floor was packed all night, patrons were waiving their arms in the air, singing lyrics to Dolly Shine songs!  Feeling nothing but love in Oklahoma!   

We appreciate you all.  Thanks for coming out!!  And don't forget to call your local radio stations and request "Dangerous Love"!

Blowout in The Stockyards!!!  

     When Dolly Shine walked into The Whiskey Girl Saloon Saturday night (Jan. 24), we were more than surprised!  We were shocked! Whiskey Girl Saloon was packed! Let me say that again. Whiskey Girl Saloon was SOLD OUT!!!  Chad Sullins and The Last Call Coalition rocked the house and set the stage for a fabulous night. We thank them for making the drive from Stillwater, OK to partake in the festivities. From  the first downbeat to the last, lovers of Dolly Shine were in full swing and showed no signs of letting up. We were also amazed to see the response to "Dangerous Love"!  With the very recent release of the new single, it already seems to be showing signs of great success! Whiskey Girl patrons didn't stop there. Before the night was over, Dolly Shine was encored twice! We thank Chad Sullins and The Last Call Coalition along with Whiskey Girl Saloon for the wonderful times and fabulous night! And most of all, we all thank YOU! The fans from the bottom of our hearts. Saturday night was a testament of yall's love for Dolly Shine

     Don't forget to call your local radio stations and request our new single "Dangerous Love"!!!! 

Great Weekend! Big Announcement!!! 

     Lubbock as always was a blast!  Well before downbeat, The Blue Light had a line out the door!  Our fans were in true form, singing along to every word and cheering us on for more! Even encoring the band to come back on stage!  We politely declined for Somebody's Darling was to take the stage after Dolly Shine. It wasn't long before Somebody's Darling had the night rolling right along with a heavy blend of southern blues, rock, soul! It was a pleasure to meet such fine musicians and enjoy another fine night in Lubbock!

     Dolly Shine has the pleasure of presenting the BIGGEST announcement of 2015! Vision Entertainment is proud to announce that Dolly Shine has joined their management roster! They work with artists such as Randy Rogers Band, Stoney LaRue, Uncle Lucius, Sam Riggs, Prophets and Outlaws, Folk Family Revival.....that just to name a few! Dolly Shine is looking forward to knocking 2015 out of the park! And most of all we couldn't have done any of this without the support from our loyal Dolly Shine fans! We LOVE y'all!!!! 


Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015! 

     Besides a wonderful New Year's Eve show to close the year, Dolly Shine received a few honors to cap it all off!

      "Room To Breathe" was honored on's Top Selling Albums List of 2014! The list was compiled from sales on, and at  Superfly's Lone Star Music Emporium of San Marcos through the 2014 calender year.

     "Should've Known" was honored on Radio Texas Live's Top 100 Songs List of 2014!  Radio Texas Live, hosted by Buddy Logan, is heard in 16 markets across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, and South Dakota. 

     "Should've Known" and "Her Name Was Trouble" were both honored on Texas Music Chart's Top 100 Songs List of 2014! The Texas Music Chart tracks over 800 songs in a year and Dolly Shine was honored to have 2 songs on this list for 2014!
      "All In" was honored on Texas Red Dirt Road's Top Albums List of 2014! Justin Frazell listed 13 albums that impressed him throughout 2014 and Dolly Shine was honored to have "All In" among the few!
     All honors aside, New Year's Eve at Filthy Mcnasty's was a bash, to say the least! Austin Meade and his boys opened the night,
serenading the crowd with an beautiful blend of 
rock, blues and country! Dolly Shine couldn't have asked for a better close to a wonderful 2014! 


      Good times were had Saturday (Dec. 13) at Austin's Texas Pub!  Dance floor was packed all night with music goers singing along to every song!  Even with the chilly December wind, we felt every bit of the warm welcome Amarillo provides every visit!  We thank Austin's Texas Pub and everyone who participated in the festivities! 

      Last week, Dolly Shine was nominated for 2014 Newcomer of The Year by Texas Music Pickers!  We hope everyone had a chance to vote! Thank you for everyone's support!  

     Don't forget to come celebrate New Years Eve with Dolly Shine at Filthy McNasty's Saloon!

Four Day Weekend  

      We started last Thursday (Dec. 4) with a trip to Denton to play the famous Dan's Silverleaf!  We couldn't have received a better reception on our maiden voyage to Dan's, receiving an encore to top the wonderful night off!  Isaac Hoskins joined us on stage as well to sing "Hitch Hiking", an original song of Hoskins, that we currently cover!  Great crowd, great venue, great night all together!  We look forward to future events with Dan's.

     Friday (Dec. 5) night was rowdy as usual with a trip to Bostocks.  Joe Teichman opened the night, serenading the crowd with his smooth blend of country music.  The crowd was ready for a party like always, but with semester finals coming to a close, the readiness to celebrate was in the air!  And it's never a complete show without Uncle Bob Hansen joining us on stage for tambourine and spiritual accompaniment!  Stephenville will always be a 
special visit to us.

     Blaine's Pub was the destination for Saturday!  With a San Angelo Christmas parade before hand, Blaine's patrons were in an exceptional festive mood!  Dancing, singing, loving, luckily no fighting!  Great night at Blaine's Pub, and thank you to all who came to enjoy the night with us!

     Sunday we headed to Muenster for Rednecks w/ Paychecks Operation Santa!  Great cause to make sure that less fortunate children enjoy this Christmas. Sam Riggs,  Mike Ryan,  and Stoney LaRue also attended to contribute to the cause.  Thank you to all those that came out to the event and donated time, toys, or money for these children!   

Yoakum Gin & Feed!  

     We had a Great crowd at the ol' Yoakum Gin & Feed Friday (Nov. 14)! Despite the cold weather and high school playoff games in the area, music goers still made their way out to enjoy some Dolly Shine! Yoakum Gin & Feed's kitchen also kicked out some delicious steak dinners as well! 

     Look forward to December! We'll kick off next month with Dan Silverleaf's in Denton! Bostocks! And Blaine's Pub just to mention a few!!!! See y'all soon!!!

Good Times In The Panhandle!!! 

       Thursday (Nov. 6), Dolly Shine played to an energetic post rodeo crowd at Hoots Pub in Amarillo! Dance floor was packed and the music goers stayed with us all night. Couldn't have asked for a better turn out on a Thursday night!!!
 Friday (Nov. 7), Dolly Shine had the pleasure of opening for Josh Grider at The Office in Lubbock!!! Thank you to The Office and to Josh Grider for the opportunity of sharing the stage! But the night wasn't over yet. After The Office, the boys headed over to The Blue Light to cheer on Shane Smith and The Saints!!! These good friends of ours, playing to a packed house, asked Jerrod Flusche to join them on stage for a jam! Dolly Shine represented at it's best in front of Lubbock live music goers! Thank you to Shane Smith and The Saints for a great close to an already awesome night!

       This coming Friday (Nov. 14), Dolly Shine will be at Yoakum Gin and Feed! Hopefully we'll see you there! Tell your friends too!!!!


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