Call and request "Her Name Was Trouble" at radio now!  

  • Saturday we roll into Amarillo Tx! Come out to Austin's Pub and boogie with us! #dollyshine #dollyshinemusic #amarillo #austinspub
    Saturday we roll into Amarillo Tx! Come out to Austin's Pub and boogie with us! #dollyshine #dollyshinemusic #amarillo #austinspub
  • San Angelo,  let's get rowdy tonight at Blaines pub. #dollyshine #blainespub #roadlife
    San Angelo, let's get rowdy tonight at Blaines pub. #dollyshine #blainespub #roadlife
  • Smash is back!!! #adventuresofsmash #txmusic #dollyshine
    Smash is back!!! #adventuresofsmash #txmusic #dollyshine
  • Can you feel the ground shaking yet?
    Can you feel the ground shaking yet?
  • @zackmcginn tracking vocals today at 7 Pillar Studio in Cisco, Texas.
    @zackmcginn tracking vocals today at 7 Pillar Studio in Cisco, Texas.
  • You won't want to miss this one! #danssilverleaf #denton #dollyshine #reddirt #americana #rootsrock #txmusic #texasmusic
    You won't want to miss this one! #danssilverleaf #denton #dollyshine #reddirt #americana #rootsrock #txmusic #texasmusic
  • This week's shows! #dollyshine
    This week's shows! #dollyshine
  • #Denton!!!!
  • This weekend!
    This weekend!
  • Amarillo! This Thursday!
    Amarillo! This Thursday!


      Good times were had Saturday (Dec. 13) at Austin's Texas Pub!  Dance floor was packed all night with music goers singing along to every song!  Even with the chilly December wind, we felt every bit of the warm welcome Amarillo provides every visit!  We thank Austin's Texas Pub and everyone who participated in the festivities! 

      Last week, Dolly Shine was nominated for 2014 Newcomer of The Year by Texas Music Pickers!  We hope everyone had a chance to vote! Thank you for everyone's support!  

     Don't forget to come celebrate New Years Eve with Dolly Shine at Filthy McNasty's Saloon!

Four Day Weekend  

      We started last Thursday (Dec. 4) with a trip to Denton to play the famous Dan's Silverleaf!  We couldn't have received a better reception on our maiden voyage to Dan's, receiving an encore to top the wonderful night off!  Isaac Hoskins joined us on stage as well to sing "Hitch Hiking", an original song of Hoskins, that we currently cover!  Great crowd, great venue, great night all together!  We look forward to future events with Dan's.

     Friday (Dec. 5) night was rowdy as usual with a trip to Bostocks.  Joe Teichman opened the night, serenading the crowd with his smooth blend of country music.  The crowd was ready for a party like always, but with semester finals coming to a close, the readiness to celebrate was in the air!  And it's never a complete show without Uncle Bob Hansen joining us on stage for tambourine and spiritual accompaniment!  Stephenville will always be a 
special visit to us.

     Blaine's Pub was the destination for Saturday!  With a San Angelo Christmas parade before hand, Blaine's patrons were in an exceptional festive mood!  Dancing, singing, loving, luckily no fighting!  Great night at Blaine's Pub, and thank you to all who came to enjoy the night with us!

     Sunday we headed to Muenster for Rednecks w/ Paychecks Operation Santa!  Great cause to make sure that less fortunate children enjoy this Christmas. Sam Riggs,  Mike Ryan,  and Stoney LaRue also attended to contribute to the cause.  Thank you to all those that came out to the event and donated time, toys, or money for these children!   

Yoakum Gin & Feed!  

     We had a Great crowd at the ol' Yoakum Gin & Feed Friday (Nov. 14)! Despite the cold weather and high school playoff games in the area, music goers still made their way out to enjoy some Dolly Shine! Yoakum Gin & Feed's kitchen also kicked out some delicious steak dinners as well! 

     Look forward to December! We'll kick off next month with Dan Silverleaf's in Denton! Bostocks! And Blaine's Pub just to mention a few!!!! See y'all soon!!!

Good Times In The Panhandle!!! 

       Thursday (Nov. 6), Dolly Shine played to an energetic post rodeo crowd at Hoots Pub in Amarillo! Dance floor was packed and the music goers stayed with us all night. Couldn't have asked for a better turn out on a Thursday night!!!
 Friday (Nov. 7), Dolly Shine had the pleasure of opening for Josh Grider at The Office in Lubbock!!! Thank you to The Office and to Josh Grider for the opportunity of sharing the stage! But the night wasn't over yet. After The Office, the boys headed over to The Blue Light to cheer on Shane Smith and The Saints!!! These good friends of ours, playing to a packed house, asked Jerrod Flusche to join them on stage for a jam! Dolly Shine represented at it's best in front of Lubbock live music goers! Thank you to Shane Smith and The Saints for a great close to an already awesome night!

       This coming Friday (Nov. 14), Dolly Shine will be at Yoakum Gin and Feed! Hopefully we'll see you there! Tell your friends too!!!!


     Halloween at The Whiskey Girl Saloon was a party indeed!!! Everybody was amazing in their costumes! Chance Anderson fired up the crowd before hand with a beautiful blend of rock n' roll.  A night in The Fort Worth Stockyards was, as always,  a loud, rowdy, and long night! Thank you everyone for coming out and participating in the ridiculousness!!!

     Come see us this week!!! Thursday (Nov. 6), we will be at Hoot's Pub in Amarillo, TX! Then Friday (Nov.7), Dolly Shine has the pleasure of opening for Josh Grider in Lubbock at The Office!


     Dolly Shine had a productive week!!! The band was in Stephenville working on preproduction! Just brainstorming and molding new songs at the moment, everything sounds great!!! Keep your eyes on the horizon, NEW Dolly Shine songs are in the works!!!

     Thursday, Dolly Shine had the pleasure of opening for Stephen Chadwick at River Road Icehouse. Our central Texas fans came out, of course, to cheer us on. Before our set was over, they were crowded in front of stage singing along to every word. Encoring the band before it was all said and done. We thank River Road Icehouse, Stephen Chadwick, and all of our loyal fans for making it a wonderful event!!!

     Friday, Blaine's Pub was the party destination for San Angelo! Before we took stage, the bar had already reached capacity! From start to finish, 
Blaine's was a usual rowdy and crazy night. With a capacity crowd all night, patrons dancing on the tables!  We always feel at home at Blaine's and can't wait to get back!!!

     "Her Name Was Trouble" hit #25 this week on The Texas Music Charts!!! Week 12 and running strong!!! Call your local radio stations and request the single!!! And then tell your friends to call their radio stations!!! Then repeat!!! Till we get to the top!!! We thank each and everyone of you for y'all's support!!!

Gotta LOVE throwback! 

     Dolly Shine started last Thursday (October 9th) at The Capital Bar for The Ranch Free Music Series! It was a beautiful night in Fort Worth's West 7th District. The Rusty Brothers opened the night, serenading the crowd with their soulful country blend. The Rusty Brothers even called Wesley Hall to the stage as a special guest!!! On fiddle accompaniment of course. Thanks to The Rusty Brothers, the stage was set for Dolly Shine to cap off the night!!! We thank 95.9 The Ranch for the opportunity and their support!!!

     Friday at The Mule Barn turned into somewhat of a special event... Discounted shirts for $4.50 happened and the night became a throwback occasion. Nothing says teamwork like matching outfits!!! We awed the crowd with our matching uniforms and then sealed the deal with rocking country Dolly Shine music!

     It was back to Amarillo on Saturday for Austin's Texas Pub!!!  We stopped first at 107.1 The  Armadillo for good times with Craig Vaughn! Thank you all of Craig's support!  From downbeat to finish, the patrons of Austin's Texas Pub were there to party!  The dance floor was full all night and fans, we didn't even know we had, were singing our songs back to us!  We couldn't have asked for a better reception in a new venue!!!

     Again, THANK YOU to everyone that came out last weekend to see Dolly Shine!!! Remember!!! Keep to calling your local radio station and request "Her Name Was Trouble"!!! Help it climb the Texas Music Charts!!!


West Texas Weekend! 

          October 3rd Dolly Shine was off to Lubbock for The Blue Light Live. In the heart of The Depot District, music goers were plentiful and eager to start the weekend right!!! Bristen Phillips marinated the crowd beforehand as people continued to fill the bar. From start to finish, Friday night at The Blue Light was a success!!! We love Lubbock and can't wait to get back!

      Saturday, the band left for Amarillo to open for Back Seat Driver!!!  After opening to a packed bar, Dolly Shine rocked the rest of the night to original tunes from Mike McClure, Austin Allsup, and Johnny Cooper!!  Couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to a weekend of great shows!!!

      This Thursday, Dolly Shine headlines The Ranch Music Series at The Capital Bar in Fort Worth! Come out early to see The Rusty Brothers open the night! Friday, Dolly Shine is in Justin at The Mule Barn and Saturday it's back to Amarillo to rock out The Austin Bar!! Hope to see y'all this weekend!

       "Her Name Was Trouble" is still climbing The Texas Music Charts!! Call your local radio station and help the single continue it's ascension to the top!! 


Stephenville....Home Sweet Home!!! 

There's nothing better than a ROWDY, LOUD and LONG night in Stephenville, Texas!!!! Our friends from KWBY were there to partake in the madness at hand as well. We thank them for all their support! It's always like revisiting the scene of a crime going to Bostocks. Of course this is where "Bourbon Flood" was born! Listen to the lyrics....true story!! 

We head to Blue Light Live in Lubbock this Friday! Has to be one of our favorite venues of all time!!!
Then Saturday we head to Amarillo for Hoots Pub! If your gonna be in west Texas this weekend you better be there!!! If not, be sure to tell your friends!

Remember to keep requesting "Her Name Was Trouble"!!! Call your local radio station ASAP!!!!

We made it out ALIVE!!! 

Amazing weekend!!!! We could feel the buzz in the air the moment we stepped foot onto Larry Joe's Melody Mountain Ranch last Friday. Our fans were crowding the stage before downbeat at 5 p.m. and made us feel VERY welcome in Stephenville. After an hour of non stop rocking Dolly Shine, after the finishing notes to our closing song, the crowd gave us a standing O!!!! And cheered for an encore!!! We couldn't have received a better response! We LOVE Larry Joe's!!!

This weekend was our first Rednecks With Paychecks and it was absolutely ridiculous! Ridiculous mudpark! Ridiculous vehicles! Ridiculous crowd! Everything a mudloving, thrill seeking, music lover could ask for! Hats off to the Bois d' Arcs, Mike Ryan, and No Justice! Good times and GREAT music! 

Remember to call your local radio station and request Dolly Shines latest single "Her Name Was Trouble"! The single is climbing the Texas Music Charts, #34 this week!!


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