Call and request "Her Name Was Trouble" at radio now!  

  • Dolly Shine. #dollyshine
    Dolly Shine. #dollyshine
  • Chilly here tonight Iron county.
    Chilly here tonight Iron county.
  • Next Saturday. Rednecks and Paychecks. #rwp
    Next Saturday. Rednecks and Paychecks. #rwp
  • This Friday. #dollyshine #larryjoetaylor #rhymesandvines
    This Friday. #dollyshine #larryjoetaylor #rhymesandvines
  • Thank you so much Cowboy Saloon! #laramie #wyoming #dollyshine
    Thank you so much Cowboy Saloon! #laramie #wyoming #dollyshine
  • Thank you so much Cowboy Saloon! #laramie #wyoming #dollyshine
    Thank you so much Cowboy Saloon! #laramie #wyoming #dollyshine
  • Thanks #Wyoming! #dollyshine
    Thanks #Wyoming! #dollyshine
  • Wyoming Gone Wild. #dollyshined
    Wyoming Gone Wild. #dollyshined
  • Holy shyatt #wyoming you guys are crazy. #laramie
    Holy shyatt #wyoming you guys are crazy. #laramie
  • #dollyshine #wyoming #laramie
    #dollyshine #wyoming #laramie

Thanks Wyoming! 

Wyoming this weekend was a hoot!  Man we love Laramie and the University of Wyoming, remind us again why Texas decided to give that state away??  
Big thanks to The Cowboy Saloon and all of those that came out and partied with us and we hope to be back up there soon.  We're doing the private party circuit this weekend, but will be back in full swing next weekend with LJT's Rhymes & Vines and Rednecks with Paychecks!  

Don't forget "Her Name Was Trouble" is still climbing up the Texas Music Charts, so call your local stations and request the hell out of it!  We are all the way up to 36, let's keep it moving folks, we can't do it without you!  

Climbing on up the Charts  

Well while we were catching our breath from last week, the new single "Her Name Was Trouble" moved up to 43 on the Texas Music Charts!  Those requests are working so keep them coming!  We want to take a minute to say thank you to Katie Key with Shane Media for all her hard work over the last 15 years with the TMC, she is leaving the TMC and she will be missed greatly!  

Thursday Night we will be with David Wilde for his awesome new show "West Texas Live" in Lubbock, if you are in the Lubbock area and want to come out we will be at Diablos Cantina Thursday around 7 o'clock or you can tune in to 105.3 The Rebel (They have an app you can download if you aren't in Lubbock)!!!

This weekend we will be in Muleshoe, Texas for a really good cause.  Hanna Simmons was diagnosed with a brain tumor and is receiving treatment with further rehab in Dallas.  Brain tumors are expensive folks, so lets help this little girl and her family out.  Heartbeats for Hanna kicks off with an auction at 3 o'clock then music will start at 5 o'clock.  It's a free show, but make sure and donate or buy an auction item while you are there.  We will be playing with our buddies Genuine Draft and TC Fambro & The Copperheads.  

If you didn't catch us on Lone Star Roads this past weekend, we have the videos up on the video page, so go check those out!  Justin Frazell and crew were great to work with and we are so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a cool show!  Click Here to see the performances!

"All In" hits #8 on iTunes!! 

Well "All In" is officially out and we are stoked!  What a week it has been.  We want to thank all of you for the support and downloading the new EP.  We climbed all the way to #8 on the iTunes Country Charts and #1 on Amazon's Alt Country Chart!  You can also find it on Spotify, Google Play and almost all the other digital retailers.  

"Her Name Was Trouble" is continuing its climb to the top, so don't forget to call your favorite DJ and request a few spins. 

On top of all of that we filmed Lone Star Roads yesterday that will air this weekend.  Click Here to see a full schedule of when you can see that in your area!  Big Thanks to Justin Frazell for having us on.  We will post links to the entire episode when they are available for those that do not currently have the pleasure of it being aired in your area.  If you haven't ever seen it, go check out the website, they have all the past episodes for you to watch.    

Come help us celebrate tonight at Whiskey Girl Saloon in the Fort Worth Stockyards, Tori Martin will kick things off around 930, and we will start rockin' after that.  We've got some great new merchandise in and of course physical copies of the album.  So come hang out, have a beer, get a copy of the EP and let us rock your face off.  This is going to be a party you don't want to miss.  See you tonight!  

It's Release Week & the Top 50! 

It's release week, our new EP "All In" will be available on August 12th! 

We are really excited to get this out to the fans, so enjoy the music and don't forget to call and request "Her Name Was Trouble" at your local radio station.  

It debuted on the Texas Music Charts this week at 50, so let the climb begin folks! 

We will be celebrating in grand fashion on Friday at The Whiskey Girl Saloon in the Fort Worth Stockyards, Tori Martin will open the show.  Come have a beer, pick up the new album and stay for the best party of the year! 


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